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Point 10 – The Full Textual Analysis Of A Video Similar To What We Want! (Part 2)

Billy and I have been looking into doing something similar to D.A.N.C.E. By Justice.

The Cinematography makes the video look as if it was shot as one long shot, however this is a brilliantly constructed fallacy, it has simply been edited to look this way, which is something we’d like to try replicate in our video if it’s not too much of a struggle.

Most of this video was completed in post, by looking at the effects on the shirts we have deduced that they must have been wearing either blue-screen or green-screen T-Shirts, by doing this they were able to chroma-key out the green/blue and replace it with CGI.

The music in the video is very repetitive and somewhat strange which I feel compliments the video well since the video is just a series of random effects plastered onto a shirt, at one point there is some typography involved with the shirts and the music but it is only for a brief moment.

There isn’t a lot in the scene which I also feel makes the video so good, it’s simply two friends walking around, the occasional interaction between each other’s shirts adds another dimension to the video and helps maintain a surreal atmosphere.

Point 10 – The Full Textual Analysis Of A Video Similar To What We Want! (Part 1)

This is an advert for a Korean Automobile firm called GMAlpheon, although this video is very large scale, it can easily be recreated on a smaller scale using small flashlights or LEDs, I believe this would look very nice in the completed piece and would satisfy both our Lighting and Colour criteria.

The Cinematography in this is fairly simple in that it’s made up solely using photographs taken from the same perspective with varied shutter speeds. However the complication arises when they attempt to bring the image into a 3D view, the positions for the individuals must be very carefully plotted and arranged in order to create a convincing 3D atmosphere.

The Editing in this video is very simple, it’s simply stacking frame-long photos in series with one another to create stop motion, most of the effect is created in the production stage with the photographs themselves.

The Sound in this video is very calm, and I believe it compliments the point they’re trying to get across and doesn’t contrast the atmosphere of what we’re seeing.

The Mise-En-Scene is again, very simple, it merely consists of a large number of individuals, holding lights and moving around.

Point 7 – The Things To Consider!

In a lesson we were given various things to consider when making our music video such as Colour, Typography, Lighting and Lip-Sync, we were shown examples of these in videos and I expect that we will be using Colour very frequently throughout the video. Lighting and Typography will most probably not be as frequent but will still be present in the video – an example of colour being used EXCESSIVELY is Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” music video.

WARNING: If you have epilepsy DO NOT watch this!

Point 6 – The Track!

For our track we chose to use “Write it on your Skin” by Newton Faulkner, this song is from the folk genre and can be identified as such using a handful of traits such as:

#1 – The Guitar: A guitar is a key feature of a folk song, it’s almost considered a trademark across the world to use a guitar when playing folk music.

#2 – The Rhythm: Folk songs often have a very calm and catchy rhythm which I feel is very present in this song.

#3 – The Performer: Newton Faulkner is a very “Folk’y” character, he has dreadlocks and is often not particularly well dressed and goes for practicality over image.

Point 5 – The Auteur!

Hey again everyone! It’s Toprak, so for the 5th point we were asked to research an Auteur Music Video director and I was given Chris Cunningham to research, I found a few interesting things and will be updating this post with a photo of the poster I made and some more facts about him and his life but until then I will have to leave you with a single one of his videos – All Is Full Of Love by Björk which won an award for “Best Music Video”

Point 4 – The Star Image Research!

Hey everyone, so for the 4th point we were asked to post a version of our star image research, we went over this in class however I can’t seem to find any of my notes or the poster I made (note to self – must find those) however that doesn’t mean that I can’t tell you about what we did and who we researched, the picture of the poster will just have to come later!

So moving on swiftly, during our research we looked at 2 people in particular, #1 – David Bowie and #2 – Lady Gaga, We found that often David Bowie would change his appearance to suit the style at the time, he started off quite rebellious, went on to develop some “transgender qualities”, then reinvented himself into an almost Bond type character in 1997. However the same cannot be said for Lady Gaga, since she was picked up by the public she has always been seen as a very uncanny, almost bizarre character, this is further enforced by the style many of her music videos are made with, E.G: Alejandro. After looking through many of her videos we’ve seen that Madonna is one of her main inspirations, unfortunately we still do not know wether Lady Gaga is a true person or simply an enigma created by an individual to appeal to the public in an original way.

The Super Media Bros!

Hey there beautiful individuals! It’s Toprak again! So as some of you may remember last year I was running a Media AS blog on, unfortunately since that was for a course I cant touch that blog and continue it this year for A2 and it’s probably for the best due to the fact that unfortunately The Media Boys has been disbanded due to one of our members moving on to continue with his life without Billy and myself… (Moment of silence for our friend)

BUT on a lighter note, Billy and myself have started another production company of our own called “The Super Media Bros!” and that is what this blog is for – my A2 course! So I hope you all enjoy reading through my A2 blog and we have many, MANY enjoyable things to read, watch and see over the year, I love yo faces, and have a wonderful day! 😀

P.S: Hope you like the Logo!

The Super Media Bros.

The Super Media Bros.