Month: December 2013

The Updates!

Hey there my beautiful little individuals!

So as you might expect since we go to boarding school it’s REALLY hard for Billy and myself to find any time to shoot our film, especially since we’re meant to be filming over at his place and it’s always difficult to get people together on top of everything else we do i.e: Sport, homework, packing, concerts and whatnot.

So we’ve decided that the best course of action would be to plan every single shot in ridiculous depth so I have some involvement with the production and directing process, get Billy to film over the holidays with a different cast – Brian and Barney (close friends of ours who live locally; pics below) and when we return we will start the edit.


This is Barney: Barney can play guitar, act at a decent standard and he’s just a straight-up helpful guy to have around I think he’d end up helping with the whole filming process quite a bit as well.


This is Brian: Brian’s a very talented musician – he can play guitar, sing at a high standard and is able to play a little bit of piano, not to mention he’s about 6 foot 2 inches tall, which I think would suits the role of the “radioactive frontman” really well.

Billy’s little brother George will be playing the role of the guitarists’ cadaver in the scene following the explosion.

We hope you’re looking forward to the final product, it’s gonna be seriously schmexxxy.

– Toprak

Point 23 – The Cast!


This is Ben Collins, he is our singer and as a result, our main character.

We chose Ben because he is a really good actor and we enjoy working with him, hopefully he feels the same about us! 😛


This is Stevie Donald, Stevie is a very good pianist and we felt that he would be able to sell the role of the “band pianist” really well, so we asked him if he would like to be in our A2 coursework and he said yes!

He will be playing the role of our second protagonist.


Hey! Who’s THIS handsome guy?

Of course this is none other than yours truly! In the video I will be playing the role of the guitarist, unfortunately I die in the explosion… Yeah… It’s a very short lived cameo 😛

We said this would be the best decision to make because if I was in the video itself then it would take away from the directing aspect of it and if I died it would add another level of depth to the storyline.

So here’s our cast, what do you think? I think it’s going to look pretty good! But I’ll let you decide for yourselves after you see the final product.

– Toprak

Point 22 – The Location!


This is a place across from Billy’s house, we felt it would make a very good shooting location because it just looks awesome and it looks just like it would if a real bomb had gone off *directs your attention towards the fence in the first shot which just looks SERIOUSLY schmexy*


Point 21 – The Shot List!

The opening shot will be the band setting up. This will be in a classic ‘documentary style’ format, one of the band mates (me) is turning the camera on and pushing record etc. He then steps back and they start playing. This shot is held throughout this band scene.
– Cut to black after drop
– Close up of singer’s face as he wakes up.
– Medium shot of singer getting up and looking around.
– The camera pans around the singer as he looks around at ‘the apocalypse’
– POV shot from Stevie’s point of view of two scientists looking over him.
– Bird’s eye view of the scientists
– Over the shoulder shot of Stevie showing Toprak dead.
– Long shot of Stevie in the foreground and Ben coming through the door in the background.
– Medium low angle shot showing Stevie and Ben breaking out
– Assorted angled/Dutch-tilts/profile/panning shots of them exploring.
– POV shot of Stevie and Toprak looking over Ben who has collapsed.
– ‘documentary style’ shot of them looking over Ben and him getting up
– Ben gets up and coughs radioactive stuff (undecided shot)

Point 19 – The Storyboard!

The Prologue:

The video will begin with me setting up the camera and speaking for a bit, the band will set up all their gear and then we will start to play.


The Beginning:

The music will overlap the footage and we will then have an air raid siren come it at the build up to the drop during which our characters will turn around, at the drop we will go to blackout and Ben will wake up under some rubble.Image

The Middle:

This will be the longest part in our video, it will consist of Ben bursting into the building, rescuing Stevie and them escaping.


The End:

This segment of our video will be the two protagonists managing to escape then opening the door to the outside and seeing the sun (sun hasn’t died)


The Epilogue:

The story will end when we come back to the band practice and we find out that everything that just happened was only the singer having a seizure, as they walk away the singer coughs and coloured smoke comes out of his mouth just as it did at the start of the story.


Point 18 – The Synopsis!

As the story begins we see a band playing the song, during this “concert” something happens at the drop, everything is destroyed and the singer wakes up under a pile of rubble and debris.
Cut to other band member waking up in a building where scientists are experimenting on his other bandmate – (me). He is dead – (cool…).

The singer bursts in through the door and the scientists freak out and run off. The singer then escapes with his friend and as they walk out the door and see the sun the singer then wakes up to find both his friends looking over him. He has fainted and this was all a dream, they pack up and leave. As they are leaving the singer coughs ‘radioactive smoke’.