Month: January 2014

Digipak – Point #6

Hey everyone, point #6 asks us to investigate how the sales of CDs have changed in the last five years BUT due to there being no information on the sales of CDs between 2010 and 2013 we’ve been unable to get really reliable numbers for this.
However! There is an obvious trend between 2008 and 2013.
362.6 MILLION units CD 
23.3 MILLION Units CD (Q1) 

Digipak – Point #5

Digipak - Point #5

Hey there my beautiful individuals!

Point 5 asks us to recreate an already existing digipak using Adobe Photoshop™ so billy and I chose Caro Emerald’s “Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor”

I know it looks exactly the same as the real-life digipak which is kind of what we were going for but in an effort to reassure you that we didn’t copy a “google images” version of the digipak we thought we’d make Miss Emerald using MS paint and bring her into photoshop that way.

Enjoy MS Emerald’s Digipak cover!

Digipak – Point #4

The 4th point of the Digipak tasks asks us to look at how star image is being used and if we can come up with a set of “rules” for the main photo of course we’ll have to USE these rules and put them into practice so I believe that when we make our Digipak we’ll want to stay within the boundaries of these four rules:
It’s going to have to be #1 – very minimalistic BUT #2 – also eye-catching, we don’t want something that “asks” or “begs” for attention *cough* GaGa *cough* because it doesn’t quite suit the band’s style, but we’ll still want to keep it sweet and simple so if people then made eye-contact with it (#3 – enter band logo), they’d say “hey look, there’s an Imagine Dragons album, it looks very nice and simple, let me go look at the tracklist… OhMyGod! ‘Radioactive’, I LOVE that song! I’m gonna get this album right now. And of course, we’ll want the text on it to match that of the video (#4 – enter synergy) so that there’s an overall theme spanning the whole album.

Digipak – Point #3

The 3rd point of the Digipak tasks asks us to research the difference between a Digipak and a bog-standard CD case and discuss why we put more value on a Digipak, it also asks us to come up with a list of things we are to include in our Digipak so here you are.

#1 – Band Picture
#2 – Main Single
#3 – Production company logo
#4 – Barcode
#5 – Lyric Booklet
#6 – Copyright Papers
#7 – Track List

Digipak – Point #2

So the second point asked us to do a series of font tests to find our ideal Digipak font, and after six long minutes of pitting each font against several different tasks that would test both the mental and physical strength of each font in incredibly hazardous environments, these fonts are the four finalists that pulled through…

Here you are, your survivors!

Font samples

Digipak – Point #1

If you googled Imagine Dragons now and clicked on the first link it would send you to their website – ( on the page there is a promotion for their new music video and single ‘On Top of the World’. On said main page you can watch the video as well as enter a competition to win a backstage ticket to an upcoming performance. Their video is set in the 60s and they have a very retro font below the logo as well as spacemen who we can safely assume to be the band in costumes playing golf on the moon – “On top of the world”


More Updates!

Hey there everyone! So after the holiday we’ve had to make some changes and alter a few things i.e: shooting location. So here, have fun reading through this bit 😛 I thought I’d copy some of Billy’s writing about the day we filmed because I thought you would enjoy having an idea of both our perspectives.

So as said previously – due to an inability to film at the original location because of danger and all that good stuff we were forced to film on campus… We had to do it, ON THE FLY (glasses on).

“We did it! We improvised and Toprak, as I type is exporting it off of final cut! It’s looking good, we need to write up a new shooting script and what not but it’s looking fabby.”

Our new synopsis is this: The film opens and we see a band in a recording studio, the singer faints and soon wakes up “goodness knows where, he gets up and looks around”. Evaluating his situation and realising he’s all but screwed and standing in the middle of an apocalypse “we then see his guitarist wake up to find out he is being robbed. Brian then comes in and delivers a royal knock to the looter and helps Barney off his feet.” They go together and come across a small community. They then start to form a revolutionary group but before this event can fully unfold Brian wakes up in real life. He sees myself and Barney are there and they finish their recording. At the end he coughs the chemicals he breathes in in the dream world (PLOT TWIST).

New cast: 

The Band
Brian Connor- Vocals
Barney Cox – Guitar/vocals
Toprak Tosun – Sound/ vocals/ revolutionary

The Others
Ben Collins – Looter/ random revolutionary
Billy Forsyth – Random revolutionary