Month: February 2014

Final Video!

Hey there you beautiful individuals! Here is our final piece, I thought it came out pretty well, but I’ll leave that for you to decide 🙂 ENJOY!

Also – little side note, we’ve still got the Digipak coming along so you’ve got something else to look forward to.

Digipak Advert – Point #1

The first point asks us to look into conventions of an album advert. Billy and myself decided to look at a Swanky Tunes advert from Q magazine.
This is a list of what we found that grasped our attention.
– As per usual, the band logo is in big bold letters and is the easiest thing to see, very attention grabbing.
– There’s a picture of the album art in the foreground with their podcast advert opposite it.
– In terms of how it relates to the genre there is a whole band picture of the members drinking and playing poker in a club, considering the fact that Swanky Tunes are an EDM/House group this is rather fitting.
– Spotted: Website address under the album artwork – a bold message.
– Additionally, below the web address Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud information – “Follow Us!”
– Usually this is where the band’s advert ends and the record companies’ section begins. This will often contain the producer logo, contact info and the producer’s website.