More Updates!

Hey there everyone! So after the holiday we’ve had to make some changes and alter a few things i.e: shooting location. So here, have fun reading through this bit 😛 I thought I’d copy some of Billy’s writing about the day we filmed because I thought you would enjoy having an idea of both our perspectives.

So as said previously – due to an inability to film at the original location because of danger and all that good stuff we were forced to film on campus… We had to do it, ON THE FLY (glasses on).

“We did it! We improvised and Toprak, as I type is exporting it off of final cut! It’s looking good, we need to write up a new shooting script and what not but it’s looking fabby.”

Our new synopsis is this: The film opens and we see a band in a recording studio, the singer faints and soon wakes up “goodness knows where, he gets up and looks around”. Evaluating his situation and realising he’s all but screwed and standing in the middle of an apocalypse “we then see his guitarist wake up to find out he is being robbed. Brian then comes in and delivers a royal knock to the looter and helps Barney off his feet.” They go together and come across a small community. They then start to form a revolutionary group but before this event can fully unfold Brian wakes up in real life. He sees myself and Barney are there and they finish their recording. At the end he coughs the chemicals he breathes in in the dream world (PLOT TWIST).

New cast: 

The Band
Brian Connor- Vocals
Barney Cox – Guitar/vocals
Toprak Tosun – Sound/ vocals/ revolutionary

The Others
Ben Collins – Looter/ random revolutionary
Billy Forsyth – Random revolutionary

The Updates!

Hey there my beautiful little individuals!

So as you might expect since we go to boarding school it’s REALLY hard for Billy and myself to find any time to shoot our film, especially since we’re meant to be filming over at his place and it’s always difficult to get people together on top of everything else we do i.e: Sport, homework, packing, concerts and whatnot.

So we’ve decided that the best course of action would be to plan every single shot in ridiculous depth so I have some involvement with the production and directing process, get Billy to film over the holidays with a different cast – Brian and Barney (close friends of ours who live locally; pics below) and when we return we will start the edit.


This is Barney: Barney can play guitar, act at a decent standard and he’s just a straight-up helpful guy to have around I think he’d end up helping with the whole filming process quite a bit as well.


This is Brian: Brian’s a very talented musician – he can play guitar, sing at a high standard and is able to play a little bit of piano, not to mention he’s about 6 foot 2 inches tall, which I think would suits the role of the “radioactive frontman” really well.

Billy’s little brother George will be playing the role of the guitarists’ cadaver in the scene following the explosion.

We hope you’re looking forward to the final product, it’s gonna be seriously schmexxxy.

– Toprak