Point 16 – The Institutions That Might Produce Our Video!

YouTube- Not only ‘townies’, but almost every single teenager uses YouTube on a daily basis. It is a cheap and easy way to publish a film and if it is popular and well created it can achieve viral status and even spread across to different countries!

VIVA- Viva is a TV music channel which a lot of the British teenagers have on TV as a kind of background noise when they have friends over or are doing homework. If we can make our video eye catching then a lot of attention can be brought to it.

Skint Records- This is Fatboy Slim’s record label. Considering that we are making a video of his song, if it gets produced by Skint Records then Fatboy Slim’s fanbase will hear of it and watch it, boosting not only our popularity but also theirs.

Point 14 – The Perfect Audience Member!

The Perfect Audience Member!

We’ve chosen the perfect audience member for our video and found that they most likely would be a townie.

A townie is someone who goes out with their friends to clubs or each other’s houses, enjoys the loud music, dancing and hanging out with their friends.

They would generally wear t-shirts or hoodies with decals and logos on them. As well as jeans and trainers as pictured below. Their music taste wouldn’t be dictated by anything in particular but would be centered around the charts and what everyone else listens to.
They would be into all sorts of films from rom-coms to horrors and would generally be open to any new things as long as everyone else is.

Point 13 – The Audience Research!

Billy and I asked people around campus how they find their music, wether or not they look at the videos that go with the songs and how they feel about them.

One of the most interesting quotes in this video comes from our friend Alex, he says that if it’s an ok song then a good video makes it better, but if it’s a good song and has a good video it makes it excellent.

Point 12 – The Moodboard!

The Moodboard!

Here is a moodboard Billy made that surrounds the genre of our music video. There isn’t much to say except that it’s pretty straightforward. A lot of the videos in this genre have neon lighting. Any typography tends to be big and bold. Beats headphones do not really make regular appearances in the music videos themselves but “Townies” use them and they represent the EDM fanbase as they are seen as a mainstream product. The UK top 40 is often full of music from the EDM genre and we have looked towards the top 40 for ideas to use in our own video.

Point 11 – The 9 Shot!


Our first shot is at the very start of the video; the fact that it looks so simple but has a very subtle CGI moment creates a certain level of depth which we really liked.


Personally I found this shot to be very retro, which goes very well with the video itself, but as an added layer of depth it also matches the diagetic noise at the beginning.


I thought this animated opening was very attention grabbing and appealed to me as an 18 year old male, it also encouraged me to try find a way to integrate animation into our video.


Upon closer investigation of the video we found that they most probably used green-screen T-Shirts to superimpose the animations on the people.


Yet again we see brilliant use of the green-screen T-Shirts to break the barrier between reality and imagination.


This brief moment of typography displayed in the video is very interesting to watch as it changes the focus from the T-Shirts to the song itself, Billy and I are planning on using typography in some way, shape or form in our own video.


In this shot you can see the Justice logo on the T-Shirt of the man on the right, Billy and I have thought about doing this in our video too as a form of subliminal message advertising.


This is one of my favourite shots in the whole video, simply because it’s such smooth editing between the keyboard falling out of the T-Shirt as an animation and falling out for real.


At this point in the video the song cuts off so we can hear the sound of the door, we were able to find an acapella version of Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat and intend on using that at different points in the video.

Point 6 – The Track! (V2)

Hey everyone! So we’ve recently come into possession of a clean version of Fatboy Slim’s “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” which means we no longer have a reason not to use it in our music video!

And so I am proud to announce that we will be using that song instead of Newton Faulkner’s Write it on your Skin! Of course this ALSO means we will be required to redo any points that involved our genre and our song but that’s a small price to pay 😀

As part of this switching of songs, we need to pick 3 things that defines THIS genre, these are highlighted below lovely people.

#1 – The Bass Line:
EDM often has a very distinctive bass line, the bass line is often considered to be the foundation of EDM-orientated songs.

#2 – The Synthesiser:
Almost all modern EDM is constructed using a synth, this has very quickly become a trademark of pop culture due to the fact that it makes music so much easier to create and produce.

#3 – The Spoken Word:
When considering EDM Billy and myself have discovered that the lyrics are not sung but spoken and left that way or their speech has been altered in post E.G: AutoTune, an example of this is “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi

Point 10 – The Full Textual Analysis Of A Video Similar To What We Want! (Part 2)

Billy and I have been looking into doing something similar to D.A.N.C.E. By Justice.

The Cinematography makes the video look as if it was shot as one long shot, however this is a brilliantly constructed fallacy, it has simply been edited to look this way, which is something we’d like to try replicate in our video if it’s not too much of a struggle.

Most of this video was completed in post, by looking at the effects on the shirts we have deduced that they must have been wearing either blue-screen or green-screen T-Shirts, by doing this they were able to chroma-key out the green/blue and replace it with CGI.

The music in the video is very repetitive and somewhat strange which I feel compliments the video well since the video is just a series of random effects plastered onto a shirt, at one point there is some typography involved with the shirts and the music but it is only for a brief moment.

There isn’t a lot in the scene which I also feel makes the video so good, it’s simply two friends walking around, the occasional interaction between each other’s shirts adds another dimension to the video and helps maintain a surreal atmosphere.

Point 10 – The Full Textual Analysis Of A Video Similar To What We Want! (Part 1)

This is an advert for a Korean Automobile firm called GMAlpheon, although this video is very large scale, it can easily be recreated on a smaller scale using small flashlights or LEDs, I believe this would look very nice in the completed piece and would satisfy both our Lighting and Colour criteria.

The Cinematography in this is fairly simple in that it’s made up solely using photographs taken from the same perspective with varied shutter speeds. However the complication arises when they attempt to bring the image into a 3D view, the positions for the individuals must be very carefully plotted and arranged in order to create a convincing 3D atmosphere.

The Editing in this video is very simple, it’s simply stacking frame-long photos in series with one another to create stop motion, most of the effect is created in the production stage with the photographs themselves.

The Sound in this video is very calm, and I believe it compliments the point they’re trying to get across and doesn’t contrast the atmosphere of what we’re seeing.

The Mise-En-Scene is again, very simple, it merely consists of a large number of individuals, holding lights and moving around.