Digipak – Point #5

Digipak - Point #5

Hey there my beautiful individuals!

Point 5 asks us to recreate an already existing digipak using Adobe Photoshopβ„’ so billy and I chose Caro Emerald’s “Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor”

I know it looks exactly the same as the real-life digipak which is kind of what we were going for but in an effort to reassure you that we didn’t copy a “google images” version of the digipak we thought we’d make Miss Emerald using MS paint and bring her into photoshop that way.

Enjoy MS Emerald’s Digipak cover!

Point 14 – The Perfect Audience Member!

The Perfect Audience Member!

We’ve chosen the perfect audience member for our video and found that they most likely would be a townie.

A townie is someone who goes out with their friends to clubs or each other’s houses, enjoys the loud music, dancing and hanging out with their friends.

They would generally wear t-shirts or hoodies with decals and logos on them. As well as jeans and trainers as pictured below. Their music taste wouldn’t be dictated by anything in particular but would be centered around the charts and what everyone else listens to.
They would be into all sorts of films from rom-coms to horrors and would generally be open to any new things as long as everyone else is.