Final Video!

Hey there you beautiful individuals! Here is our final piece, I thought it came out pretty well, but I’ll leave that for you to decide 🙂 ENJOY!

Also – little side note, we’ve still got the Digipak coming along so you’ve got something else to look forward to.

Evaluative Tasks – Point #3

The third evaluative task asks us to explain what we have learned from our audience feedback.

Firstly we really appreciated the feedback we got from Billy’s relatives in the media industry which were very encouraging and we both found it very interesting to see the comments on the studio shots. We had taken into account, the idea of shooting the band scenes outside, but in the end we felt that the ‘post-apocalypse’ scenes would be best shot outdoors and the band scene indoors to create a solid boundary between reality and Brian’s post-apocalyptic dream world. See the feedback below!


Here is some feedback from someone outside our target audience between what I assume is the ages of 30 and 50.


Here is some of the feedback from people within the range of our target audience – early teens to early 20s.



And of course some feedback from other individuals in the same field as us, particularly I’d like to direct your attention towards Rob’s comment below, which we did find somewhat strange as Billy and I thought the smoke was one of the best bits in the film as did most of the others outside our target audience. This showed us that we can’t always appeal to everyone in our target audience when making a media product.